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After concluding the project, we didn’t leave our clients in the lurch. We develop a strong bond with them and help them out in case of any annual maintenance. As commercial porches and rooftop decks need great care and attention, our certified team provide them maintenance at affordable rates. 

Integrity is our core value

Due to the professionalism embedded in our legacy, we always present a clear picture in front of our customers. Distortions of fact, forgery, and embezzlement find no space in our company. Rooftop Decks Chicago uses trust as an adhesive to connect people with their company.

Ideas that work

Our professionals work with great honesty and dignity to create rooftop deck ideas that work. Rooftop Deck Chicago uses state-of-the-art technology to carve masterpiece decks.

Chicago deck builder
Chicago Steel deck builder
Chicago wooden deck builder
Chicago Steel deck builder
Commercial decks and porches

Engaging, Purposeful, Creative and Bold.

We follow the architectural blueprints in true spirit. The survival of the decks demands regular yearly maintenance and inspections. The wood wash service of City Porch helps your deck enhance its shelf life. We preserve the record of every deck maintenance. So visit and contact best chicago deck builder and protect your deck for years to come.

Decks Building ​

We suppose that you are looking for experts to construct your rooftop deck, and then it’s the right time to conclude your conquest. City Porch is a competent and reliable name in the world of decks. We raise residential and commercial decks for you with other relevant services. If you want to boost your sitting space for any purpose, then City Porch is the company you are looking. Our skilled and well-qualified team members not only aid you to decorate your site but also refine your seating experience, and helps you to increase your business to manifolds.
City Porch is the best among all chicago deck builders, with the help of talented and skilled workers we guarantee that our design is compatible with the scenery and landscape of our surroundings. By installing extraordinary deck ideas, we upgrade the look of your commercial property. In our client’s list, you will find multiple houses, and business and educational institute owners. In Chicago, we are definitely your deck builders.

Types Of Decking By City Porch

City Porch provides you with all contemporary types of Rooftop decks in Chicago. When clients visit or contact us, we provide complete details of our designs and ideas and let them decide the type of their inclination.
Types of the deck we offer
Residential and commercial sites use different types of decks. Plywood and wood grove decks are most commonly used in residential buildings. Steel, cement and concrete decking is the priority of commercial or industrial buildings.

Steel Decks

Many benefits are connected with the throne of steel decking. This can be installed in pieces and its weight is light. The weight of most roofing materials has supported by Steel Decks. Steel decks became the first choice of industrial or commercial buildings in the contemporary era. Steel is immune to several weather toughness like a hail storm. During hot or cold weather, it provides you with insulation. You can reduce your energy bills with the help of steel decks, as steel can reflect heat.

Wooden Decks

To erect a wooden deck on top of the residential building is a fine idea to pursue. These decks are efficient in terms of cost and can fulfil all requirements of residential buildings. Our experts suggest the type of wood according to the demand like plywood, Oriented Strand Board, zip wood and plank wood. In this category, zip wood is preferred by most residential buildings because it resists water and fights moisture. But for this, you have to pay some extra dollars. Apart from that, the reliability of zip wood makes it the first contender for your residential deck. Plywood also comes in two types. It is one type is FRT, due to several complaints of faulty FRT this is now discouraged by contractors. But another type of plywood, which is CDX, due to its reliability has been highly recommended by contractors.

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