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Composite Roof Top Decks

City Porches and knows it will be more than a standard Composite Roof Top Decks  Builder company. It brings a highly customized approach to each project to meet your specific needs.

Perks of Future

We run the construction of composite rooftop decks according to the architectural designs. You will never observe the variation of designs in decks erected by City Porch.

Integrity is our core value

We never concoct false stories and narratives about our company City Porch, but always present the true picture to them. Through our communication, we recommend the best type of decking amongst the composite rooftop decks design. Through our straightforwardness, we connect with people.

Ideas that work

We present custom-made designs of composite rooftop decks to clients so that they can choose according to their requirements. We use the latest techs and software to make custom designs.

Composite Roof Top Decks
Commercial Composite Roof Top Decks

Engaging, Purposeful, Creative and Bold.

Everything that we manage and change starts with architectural plans. The decks must undergo routine annual maintenance to be safe. The City Porch wood wash service extends the life of your deck. Each deck maintenance procedure is recorded and kept on file. Visit and call City Porch today to permanently secure your deck’s protection. Nobody among the Composite Roof Top Decks  builder offers you such priceless services.

Composite Roof Top Decks

If you are searching for deck makers, then you should contact us. We are experienced and skillful composite rooftop deck makers. No one can point fingers at our projects, as we ensure quality at every step. Our teams of City Porch operate both in commercial and residential domains. You will fall in love with your deck after taking our services. We make your deck compatible with your surroundings. You can increase the value of your property by installing a composite rooftop deck by the team of City Porch.

Types Of Composite Roof Top Decks By City Porch

The design book by City Porch contains multiple types of decking. After providing all the essential details of selected designs to customers, they can freely choose any design. There is variation exists between the residential and commercial deck designs. But composite rooftop decks are the most wanted decks by our customers.

Steel Decks

  • Immune to all weather conditions.
  • Its light weight makes it suitable.
  • Used mostly in commercial and industrial buildings.
  • In hot or cold weather it provides insulation.
  • Due to the ability to reflect heat, it saves energy bills.

Wooden Decks

  • The type of the wood is decide according to the demand.
  • Oriented strand board, zip wood and plank wood are videly used woods.
  • Zip wood can fight moisture and struggle against water.
  • Zip wood is reliable for residential buildings.
  • Plywood comes in two types FRT and CDX.

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