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City Porches and knows it will be more than a standard Home Owner Association Chicago Deck Contractor
company. It brings a highly customized approach to each project to meet your specific needs.


Since we didn’t abandon our clients, the completion of a project didn’t mean that we had finished working with them. We developed a close relationship with them and assist them with any yearly maintenance. 


We constantly give a clear picture to our consumers since competence is ingrained in our heritage. Fabrication of the fact, forgery, and larceny have no function in our company. A well-known brand among Chicago deck contractor is City Porch.


Our experts construct innovative rooftop deck designs with the highest ethical standards. A Chicago deck builder employs cutting-edge technology to create spectacular decks.

Our Experience
Commercial Chicago Deck Contractor

Engaging, Purposeful, Creative and Bold.

We strictly adhere to the floorplans. Inspecting and maintaining the decks on a yearly basis is necessary for their life. Your deck’s shelf life is increased by City Porch’s wood washing service. Each deck maintenance procedure is recorded and kept on file. Visit and get in touch with the best Chicago deck constractor firm today to safeguard your deck for years to come.

Commercial Rooftop Decks

It’s time to call your hunt to an end if, as we believe, you are looking for expert to build your rooftop deck. A popular and qualified name in the Chicago deck contractor industry is City Porch. Along with other pertinent services, we raise decks for your homes and businesses. City Porch is the business you need if you want to increase your sitting area for any reason. Our talented and qualified team members help you boost your business in several ways while also assisting you in site decoration and sitting experience improvement.
City Porch is the top Chicago deck builder because we can ensure that our design will blend in with the surrounding environment and landscape thanks to our talented and skilled staff. Our outstanding deck designs enhance the appearance of your commercial property. Our client list includes owners of various homes, businesses, and academic facilities. We are without a doubt your deck builders in Chicago.

Types Of Decking By City Porch

  • City Porch provides you with all current types of deck build in Chicago.
  • When clients visit or contact us our deck builders, we provide complete details of our Chicago deck builder ideas, and let them decide the type of their inclination.

Types of the deck we offer

  • Residential and commercial sites use different types of decks.
  • Plywood and wood grove decks are most commonly used in residential buildings.
  • Steel, cement and concrete decking is the priority of commercial or industrial buildings.

Steel Decks

  • Many benefits are connected with the throne of steel decking.
  • This can be installed in pieces and its weight is light.
  • The weight of most roofing materials has supported by Steel Decks.
  • Steel decks became the first choice of industrial or commercial buildings in the contemporary era.
  • Steel is immune to several weather toughness like a hail storm.
  • During hot or cold weather, it provides you with insulation.
  • You can reduce your energy bills with the help of steel decks, as steel can reflect heat.

Wooden Decks

  • To erect a wooden deck on top of the residential building is a fine idea to pursue.
  • These decks are efficient in terms of cost and can fulfil all requirements of residential buildings.
  • Our experts suggest the type of wood according to the demand like plywood, Oriented Strand Board, zip wood and plank wood.
  • In this category, zip wood is preferred by most residential buildings because it resists water and fights moisture.
  • But for this, you have to pay some extra dollars.
  • Apart from that, the reliability of zip wood makes it the first contender for your residential deck.
  • Plywood also comes in two types.
  • It is one type is FRT, due to several complaints of faulty FRT this is now discouraged by contractors.
  • But another type of plywood, which is CDX, due to its reliability has been highly recommended by contractors

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